About Us

Founded in 2020
A Sophisticated Approach to Sushi and Asian Fusion Cuisine

A familiar and comfortable setting with superb recipes and dishes that are flawlessly crafted.

We strive to be one of the top Asian restaurants in New Jersey, attracting countless food lovers from all over. Our one-of-a-kind menus include high-quality sushi and Asian fusion dishes that excite!

Where it all began
Our History and Food Philosophy

According to Japanese legend, Naruto represents a “fox spirit” that epitomizes intelligence, fulfilling lives, and magic. At Naruto, we provide a gratifying and intimate experience that upholds ancient mythical values and provides our patrons with Asian cuisine that is guaranteed to amaze.

Located in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, Naruto is like no other. We present delicious and enticing menu items with premium-quality ingredients and offer a captivating and comfortable atmosphere.

Enjoy Our Signature Food
Excellent Ingredients & Authentic Japanese Cuisine

Featuring the Naruto Roll as our signature dish, Naruto’s talented chefs meticulously create and serve both delicious entrees and exemplary dining.

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Join us at Patio.Time
We Are Hiring!

We are looking for chefs and service staff at Patio.Time Sushi and our other branches. Please call or email for details.

  • Sushi Chef - New York
  • Waiter - New York
  • Receptionist - Kyoto

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